Brothers | Owen and Quinton

A while back, I got to hang with Owen and Quinton.

I’m not sure if you know this, but little boys have a ton of energy.

Most of the time, we did this:

Anyway, friends, meet Owen:

This is when he finally tagged me.  No worries, I totally won the game.

And, friends, meet Quinton:

He has apparently just gotten into running.  And he runts purposefully and constantly.

He ran. Just like that.  Pretty much the whole time.

But he did pause a few times.

What a cute little man!

And then Owen climbed a tree and pretended he was Spiderman:

He’s been around the photography block a time or two, so we hung out for a bit while mommy got her afternoon workout with Quinny.

Crystal, you have darling little boys! Thanks for letting me hang with the three of you to capture some fun!

Your new friend,
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