And the winner is…

Okay, so, I broke my promise.  I didn’t post the winner yesterday.  I know I promised.

You see, a wild pack of wolves stormed my house and stole my laptop and… well, that’s a lie.

I got sick.

Not sick enough to go to the doctor, but sick enough to lay in bed all stinkin’ day yesterday.  Except in the evening.  When I spent time with The Hunk.  We watched a couple movies on Netflix and had pasta salad for dinner.

It was splendid.

I love him a lot.

Why am I posting, again?  Oh, yeah…. to announce the winner.

I’ve had a total of three official entries (Sorry, KP, you didn’t submit answers to the questions…).

The only entry I didn’t post is from Grant S.

Grant used CameraRAW to edit this pic.  His favorite part of his edit is the blue shadows.  He captioned this picture as follows: “Visit us on facebook.”

So, now, to announce the winner:

…can I get a drumroll, please?

Grant, I believe you can give me a drumroll!

Thanks for the drumroll, Grant.  YOU ARE THE WINNER!  Check your email (and email me if you don’t get your Amazon gift card by the end of the day today)!

Thanks to all who played.  This was fun! :)



The Launch at 101: Celebration and Contest

This is post number 101!  This means that it’s time to party!

To celebrate:

  • This website is now being enjoyed at just plain ol’!  That’s right: no more dot WordPress nonsense!  Update your bookmarks, friends.  Or don’t: you’ll be redirected here, anyway!
  • It’s CONTEST time! *does happy dance*

Your turn for the happy dance.  Just be happy for me, won’t you?  That’s all I’m asking.



I am by no means an expert photo editor, but I thought I’d drum up some photo editing action on your part.  That’s right, YOU are going to edit some photos, this time!  In fact, you are going to edit this SOOC photo, from a funky coffee shop in my college town:

Lock & Key, Georgetown, Kentucky

It’s a mighty large file, but if you click the picture, you can download the full version by right-clicking on the picture and choosing “save as” on the menu.

Rules?  We don’t need no stinkin’ rules! …wait, we do.  Here:

  • You must edit the picture yourself using any photo editing program you have access to: picnik, Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
  • One entry per email address, please.  Edit carefully.  And learn purposefully.
  • The best picture will win.  Be creative.  Be artsy.  Just edit!
  • You  must send the answers and the image to the following questions to
  1. What program did you use to edit the picture?
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words.  What does this picture say in 10 words or less?
  3. What do you like most about your edited version?

Entries are due by 11:59 pm on March 10, 2011.  The winner will be announced on March 11.  Promise. :)  I will post entries as necessary throughout the week.

Winner?  Oh, yeah, the prize.  The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Don’t forget: It’s just a game.  You don’t have to be an expert to win.  Please play!

With giddy excitement,

Photo Edits: Winner’s Batch!

As I mentioned before, Jessica, our big giveaway winner, had a super-sweet project in mind.  She took the negatives from her wedding pictures to a local photo development place, where they developed her pictures and made digital copies of them for her.  Then, she submitted them to me for me to edit.  I made several edits–above and beyond those promised– and hopefully she’ll be able to use them for her intended purposes: to frame and surprise her husband! :)  Below are the results with limited explanations:

While this picture obviously captures a very special moment, the point and shoot camera did not do what our modern DSLR cameras do.  I produced six edits to this shot.

The last edit was requested by the bride.  She wanted to completely get rid of the background; good call. :)

Speaking of the bride, let’s talk bridal shots.  Below are edits of two bridal shots.

The background is simple enough in this pic, but the silver bar in the bottom right corner is an eyesore.  And the developer had black lines on the bottoms, tops, or sides of each pic.  I had to get rid of that, of course.

Here’s another bridal shot, which is simply beautiful–totally shows the joy of the day!

What a happy bride!  I only made two edits of these and I only did B&W.  Mostly because the background was the most distracting aspect of the picture.

Basically, one’s a little brighter than the other.  I’m also in the habit of erasing the foot of the cross that’s in a lot of original pictures.  The cross is wonderful, but only seeing a piece of it in a pic is an eyesore IMHO.

Next up: The groom.  I only made one edit of his pic and I can’t figure out why…

Oh, I remember why: Because I had to do so much with it.  In this pic, everything in the background totally [totally. totally.] distracts from the main event–the hunk of the day.  But have no fear, RejoicingRebecca’s here to fix that. :)

I don’t know if this picture is sized for a regular-sized picture, but it’s in the exact proportions I received.  I made it portrait instead of landscape and did some simple editing to the pic.

Much better.

Next up: Grandpa!

This picture is precious!  Grandparents are often the proudest family members on that big day.  :)  I really wanted to bring this pic in close–bring it in rul tite!

The second one may not seem much different, but it is a little more artsy.  I struggle, sometimes, with the balance between artsy photographs and photos that are completely true to view.  But these two pics are very similar and not so artsy that they lose the original mood.  LOVE IT!

Next, comes the most difficult picture to edit.  I wish I could have done more…

The angle of this pic and the clutter around the main event made me painfully aware of the work ahead of me.  First step, crop.  Done.  Then, I changed the angle of the pic in hopes to make them look a little less, well, crooked.  Then, I tried to make the chairs disappear, but the one on the left was just not going to leave.  So, this is  my heart-felt best effort:

In the interest of a short post, I will now present the collages I made and, perhaps another pic or two.

What’s up with Jessica always facing the same way?  :)  This last collage was a little redundant; I shall sharpen my collage skills–perhaps by making my own more interesting collage templates.

Thanks for entering, Jessica!  I hope the rest of your project goes off without a hitch! :)


Runner-Up Batch 1: Results!

The big winner in the recent giveaway is getting together what will be a super-sweet project for me to work on.

In the mean time, I will be working with the photos sent in by you runners-up!  One has already been sent in.  My dear friend Ashley sent me these two pictures.  She’s on top of it (as are all Phi Mu girls)!

Pic number one: We’ll call this the wedding picture.

I love this picture because it represents so much.  Ashley and I found our men at the same time and got engaged around the same time.  She got married much more quickly than I did.

Don’t worry; I was jealous.

Anyway, while the wedding pic is precious, the straight out of the camera (sooc) shot worried me; the big day was a little gloomy, as you can tell.  Well, I used bloom action from Pioneer Woman about three times and then made some other tweaks.  Then, I put them on an alternative background.  Here are the results:

I also made a simple collage for the wedding pics.

The second pic: We’ll call this Christmas!

First of all, I had to do a little research to be sure this picture was from their first Christmas.  They took almost the same pic just this Christmas; the only difference is that they were wearing different clothes.

First of all, the pic is lovely (gotta love the first Christmas!).  However, there’s a huge glare in the glass.  I had to do some finagling to fix it and I am not completely happy with the results, but you can almost not tell it was there.  I used the heal tool and copied and pasted a few things to improve the glare problem.

However, the most challenging part of this was extracting Ashley and her hubby from the picture; the background was very busy and, gosh, Ashley’s hair just blends right in with the dark windows!



After many tries, I finally got them selected properly and then put them on the green Christmas wrapping paper background.  And here are all of the results.


And there we have it: the first runner-up’s edits!

I’m looking forward to more editing!

Thanks, Ashley, for participating! :)

Giveaway winner(s)!

Wahoo!  I loved reading your entries.  Three awesome peeps entered the contest and also my fabulous husband, as I cried that only one person had entered at the time.  Using a number generator at, I chose the winner:

The first person to enter was Jessica A! (Jessica, watch your email!)

Take heart, other participants!  I have a consolation prize for each of you, if you want.  All you runners-up will receive free photo edits of up to four pictures!  And, if I’m feeling energetic (and I probably will), you’ll get a free photo collage!  Check yo’ emails, pals! :)

Thanks for playing.  I hope you’ll continue playing my little games and visit often! :)