Kaylee |Class of 2014

A few weeks ago, I hung out with Kaylee and her mom to celebrate her seniorhood!

Friends, I am pleased to introduce to you, Kaylee:

Kaylee is planning to go to the University of Kentucky for nursing next fall.  Her parents are graduates of UK and her dad played football for the school while attending.  So, overall, these two are fans of God’s country, aka, Kentucky.  I felt right at home with these two.

We hung out in Lithopolis, Ohio, at the Wagnalls Library and Memorial for a few outfits before spending our favorite time around town.

Then, we meandered around, well, um, town.  Yeah, town.  We meandered around it.  We found some perfectly rustic locations.

Kaylee, I love your shoes.  And, in general, your taste in clothes.

No, really, can I borrow that scarf? And, by “borrow,” I totally mean that I intend to keep it.

You are stunning, young lady!

Kaylee, best wishes to you this year and in school! I loved hanging with you and your mom (shout-out to Missy!) and I am truly blessed to have met your family in general.

God bless, you classy lady!

Love forever,
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