Project 52: Year in Review

A year ago, my friend Jessica challenged me to complete the Project 52.  I had never really heard of photography projects before.  While I didn’t complete the project perfectly, I did take a picture for every week’s theme.  I’ve compiled them in video form.  Check it out. :)


52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSEWhat shall I do for 2012?  I’m not completely, officially for certain, but I think I’m going to do this one: Let’s Do 52!  I like that this theme has two options each week.  Or do I?  I may have trouble choosing each week, knowing how I roll.  But this will be fun!

Join me, won’t you?  I’ll be posting on my blog and, occasionally, on the LD52 facebook page.

There’s safety in numbers.  Let me know if you’re in.



52/52: Fun

On the morning after Christmas, my parents, babysis, Hunk, and I loaded up and headed to Edisto Island, South Carolina.  It was a splendid time.  Sometimes, the most amazing times can be had when sitting around the table chatting.  I caught this gem, the last image of the year, during such an event.

Readers, meet Ben.  You might recognize him (except his face is covered) from In Love.  Ben is my cousin’s husband.  And he almost split is side laughing that night.

I hope all of your family times are as side-splitting hilarious as this night was.  One of the best in the books.

This, of course, concludes my 2011 photography project: Project 52.  I will be letting you know what, if any, projects will take place during 2012.  I look forward to more growth and more excitement through the year.

With love and laughter,

51/52: Three

Rev Hunk and I are on vacation with some of my extended family.  We’re having a fabulous time.  There will be many many more pictures to come, but I wanted to check in quickly and post my pic for week 51.  I’m almost done!

It’s warm here compared to back home.  I could live here.


50/52: Metal

I love the classy homes I saw in South Carolina.  Seth’s aunt’s house had this affixed to the front door.

I love this old door bell. The chain is attached to the bells inside.  The pull handle looks like a door handle, doesn’t it?  How classy!


49/52: Favorite Spot

No, I didn’t really just post this.  I scheduled it way in advance.  Actually, when I posted this, Christmas hadn’t yet peeked its lovely head.  I was watching Gilmore Girls in a hoodie and jeans.  As this post makes its official way to the world-wide web, I’m enjoying some beautiful traveling, the pictures of which you will enjoy eventually.

At any rate, I have a pic from my favorite spot.

I know you are surprised to find that this is my favorite place:

He’s so handsome.  I love being in any location from which I can see Seth.  Not because I’m incapable of being solo.  Not because I’m one of those wifies–you know the wifies who eats, breathes, and drinks the idea of her husband.  Because I’m one of those wives who loves to see her handsome husband, who loves to admire his dimples, and who relishes the way he looks back at her.

He’s the best.  I’m his biggest fan.