A New Look | Rejoicing Rebecca

Well, it was only halfway an accident.  Last night, I changed the look of this blog.

I had been considering it for a while and as I was looking through the possible themes offered by my blogging service, I clicked a button that I thought would ask me to see the preview with my selected colors.  Instead, it changed my theme.  I sort of took it as a sign from God.  (Not really.)  I went with it.

Aside from a few tweaks, I’m hoping this will be a permanent look.

I’m trying to embrace change.  Failing, but working on it.  More on that later.

Anyway, I also created a new page that will house my portfolio.  I will still be blogging here and showing pictures (a wedding should be posted soon!), but I’ve moved my pricing to the portfolio page, which is linked in the new menu above.

This is simpler, cleaner, and kind of matches my portfolio page.  Check it out! Let me know what you think.

Attempting to be flexible,


A Back-to-School Special

For many, school is back in session.  I’m enjoying a somewhat extended summer break, so I’m using this time to offer you some great photography deals!

Wedding and Engagement Session Combo!

Book a Premium Wedding Package and get a free Nuzzle Package engagement session!


Senior Portraits

Book an Honor Roll Package and get a FREE upgrade to the Top of the Class Package!

Contact me to book your session as soon as possible!  This deal ends September 30!

Happy posing,

Beware: Weddings take a lot of processing time

As you have probably already seen, I shot my first DSLR wedding in June.  I learned a lot; mostly, I learned just what it takes to process all the photos taken during a general wedding ceremony.  Here are the stats for the wedding pictures I took only:

Editing program: Lightroom 3
Original RAW files: 2,259
Import time: More than 5 minutes
Total editing time: 8 hours, 32 minutes
Total JPG files post-processing: 432

The above stats do not take into account the images The Hunk took on the point-and-shoot we brought with us or the rehearsal that I shot the night before.  Those edits didn’t take too long, but certainly weren’t done for me.  I also didn’t include blogging, exporting, organizing, and uploading the images.

Consider the above information before employing a photographer.  Or becoming a wedding photographer.

Truly yours,

Technical Difficulties

Just in case you haven’t heard.

Just in case you aren’t my friend in the real world.

Just in case you didn’t notice my twitch.

Just in case you didn’t feel the earth tremble at the news.

Just in case you see me this week and I’m a mess.

Just in case you wonder why I fail at posting this week.

Just in case you every pray.

This is my sad, sad notice to the world.  My laptop is temporarily out of commission.  This means posts will be limited and photos will not be processed until Mini-HUE comes back to life.  Have no fear; I am fearing enough for all of us.  The neighbor, who is awesome, has taken the laptop and is hopefully going to repair it soon.  Cuz, ya’ know, he has tons of extra time between his real life activities.

I just thought you should know.

I’ll be holding my breath, in hopes that at least my recent documents are recoverable, as I have not backed up the ol’ laptop in a few months.

But you’ll, pray, right?

I mean, basically, this laptop is my mother’s grandbaby.  Her sole grandbaby.  And my sole child. [Don’t tell my students.]

And, when it comes to the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back,” this is all the straw under the few straws that have been added since.

Prayerfully and hopefully,

Site Updates and Changes!

Did I mention that I’m on spring break?  Cuz I am.

It’s lovely, really.  Really. [Did I already say that this week?]

Anyway, being a major computer geek, I spent the better part of yesterday making some tweaks to this blog.  Do you likes?

A few things I’d like to note [or, perhaps, point out]:

Firstly, I have added some information for people wishing to schedule a photo session.  Check out “Prices and Options” in the above menu to check those out.  Oh, and spread around this information, if you please.

Secondly, I added a little page with a little information about little me.  You’ll find it if you click “Rebecca” in the menu above.  It’s boring, really…

Thirdly, the site now includes social media buttons which allow users to link to my other social media resources.  Check me out on Facebook, at Twitter, through your RSS feed, on Picasa, and at Flickr.  You may find me more active on Facebook and Twitter, but all the albums mentioned here will be on Picasa and/or Facebook.

Finally, and this is my favorite, I changed the background.  I wanted to make the site pop a little more.  The background comes from my recent photo walk, blog post to come.

The sad part is that the above sounds so easy.  However, I spent hours getting everything to look just right and I know I’ll tweak small things here and there.  A blogger/photographer/webmaster’s work is never done.

With much sweat and blood,