Wedding Pictures

Hey, friends! We’ve put all the pictures from the professional photographer online here at Picassa. Visitors can even download the full versions of them and/or order prints. At any rate, you can check out the link and see pics from the big day! Love to all!

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Wedding Pictures
Jun 12, 2010
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Planning a wedding is like…

Sometimes, planning a wedding feels an awful lot like what I’d imagine it to feel like to walk through a field with landmines between the starting and ending point of a shooting range.  All the while, I’m hoping to make it to the other side of the field without exploding or being hit with stray bullets.

If I misstep, things could end in a terrible mess.

If I’m not watching carefully while I step, something else will come out of no where and things will get messy for a long long time.

For those of you just starting this endeavor: beware.  Wedding planning is a chance to offend others without fail.

Under three weeks!

In three weeks, I will wake up as a married woman!  Wahoo!

I’ve gotten a lot done.  Yet, there are many more hours to spend planning and projecting.

Programs are officially DONE!

Menus are printed and the massive folding project will begin after I trim the excess paper from them.

I’ll pick up my hemmed and bustled dress tomorrow.

Parent gifts are purchased.

Things to do (both small and large):

  • Wrap groomsmen’s gifts
  • Wrap parent gifts
  • Organize bridesmaids gifts
  • Call the florist and meet to change the order just a bit
  • Call the baker to finalize decorations and drop off ribbon and invitation page
  • Finalize helpers to decorate the reception tables (confetti, menus, pictures)
  • Finalize RSVPs and make table charts
  • Pack
  • Purchase wedding night lingerie
  • Finalize church decorations
  • Put together the the cord of three strands
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting something right now.  :)

So stinkin’ excited!

Paper products

Yesterday, I was fairly productive.

I bought the paper at Hobby Lobby that I’ll use to make the ceremony programs.   My budget for programs is $50 and I managed to spend about $25 on paper.  Assuming my printer doesn’t run out of ink and ribbon doesn’t cost too much, I’ll come out way under budget.  I’m looking forward to getting the programs done so I can print them.  The time at Hobby Lobby was interesting.  The paper was ruined by the paper shelves at the store, so I got a worker (Nicholas) to help me.  He was a major help.  I ordered the paper from the warehouse for 50% off (that’s the sale, this week).  I should be able to pick them up on Saturday or Monday.  Woot! 

I also bought the ring we’ll use to attach the three strands for the braiding of the cord of three strands.  I’ll be putting that together soon and attaching a rubber band to it so that I have it on the wedding day.

Then, I went to Staples to get pricing on printing projects. 

  • I may get the menus printed there because they have cardstock that is the right color for $0.16 a sheet.  If I get about 220 of them, I’d be about $20 under budget on menus, too! 
  • I also priced a poster printing–a 24X36 poster–for the seating chart at the reception.  I really don’t want to spend that much.  I can do a color printout for $41.99 and have it mounted on foam board for a total of $83.  Then, I found out that a black and white poster printout is $2.99.  Maybe I’ll redesign the poster so that it’s black and white; I could do that without losing the formality of it, probably.  So, I need to decide what I want to do here.

Tonight’s plan: bridesmaid’s gift errand, list of people to invite to my next wedding shower sent to my matron of honor, house cleaning and packing.