Muted: 21/52 (Let’s Do 52)

It’s been a long weekend.  In a good way.  I mean, I got an extra day to hold me off until the school year ends.  I have rested a lot.

And I met my friend and colleague at a nearby park to help her understand her new camera as she is planning to go on a fabulously exciting storm chasing trip.  As I was showing her the sweet features on her new equipment, I snapped a few pictures.  I caught this muted image as the sun was setting.

I love magic hour.  The lighting is fabulous.  I even used manual focus on this baby.  I’d like more experience using manual focus and manual settings in general.  Some day.

Some day.

Until then,


Energy: 20/52 (Let’s Do 52)

Stress is, well, stressful. And, sometimes, intense despite excellent managing.  Stress sucks the energy from me and I’m sure you feel the same way.

We had some time with The Hunk’s family this weekend to celebrate three or four birthdays and an anniversary or two.  After dinner, we spent some time blowing bubbles.  I love how bubbles can destress a person–however temporary.

This picture relaxes me.  Recharges me.  Makes me smile.

And, sometimes, that’s all the energy I need.

With energy,

Imperfection: 19/52 (Let’s Do 52)

I won’t admit to being a perfectionist.  Especially since I’m sure there is an error (or a few) in each of my posts, despite my best efforts.

However, I can spot imperfections pretty easily.  One of the things that it seems no one can perfect is family.  I’ve a fabulous family.  For sure.  But none are perfect, including mine.  For Mother’s Day weekend, I joined my mother, my youngest sister, my aunt and two of her daughters for a wonderful trip to Wilderness at the Smokies.  It was delightful!

We enjoyed a nice night out and, before heading out, snapped some pictures.  I, of course, could not take our own, really, but I did get a few shots of my aunt and her daughters.

Lovely, aren’t they?  They’d readily admit that they are imperfect.  Yet still loved and made righteous (perfect!) by the blood of Christ!

With love,

Consumerism: 18/52 (Let’s Do 52)

Okay, seriously?  It is already week 18 of this project?  Awesome!  I’m looking forward to participating in shorter projects next year.  I know that I don’t have an iPhone, but iPhoneography is really taking  off.  I can do my own version of this with my Android smart phone. :)

Anyway, I have exciting news.

Today, for the very first time in the history of my life, I experienced the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.  Amazing.  I was at the Red Robin BurgerWorks right off OSU’s campus.  It was awesome.  I loved the strawberry Sprite!  If every restaurant had one of these, their soda sales would quadruple.  Just because of me!

Seriously, you must experience this!



PS: I just discovered that there’s a Freestyle machine just over a mile from my home!  Wowzah!

Growth: 17/52 (Let’s Do 52)

Spring has been super crazy. I mean, have you noticed?  Spring was last week and weeks before that: summer.  Mother nature is seriously off her rocker.

We had spring retreat last week.  I love spring retreat for two reasons: 1) It is a time to get away from the usual and hang. 2) It is a fabulous time to evaluate the last year–examine ourselves for growth.

Growth is important in the Christian walk.  We spend retreat singing, praying, listening to God, and spending time with one another.  Some students even do homework.  It’s very low-key.  And growth occurs in all of us.

How often do you get away to recharge and grow?  I know I should more often.