A Vivid Memory

I love pictures. Did you know that?

Sometimes, pictures end up taking place of memories. Like, for instance, I don’t remember actually being dip kissed on my wedding day. I remember planning to do it. I remember hoping Seth would remember to do it. But I don’t remember it happening.

Except there’s a picture of it. And I adore it.

But my most vivid memory is not caught by cameras or paper pictures.

My most vivid memory is when Seth proposed.

It may have been the most delightful moment of my life. He was serious and loving and said all the right things and caught me in the middle of being silly and surprised me right where we first kissed.

On one knee.

The sun was shining. The geese were swimming. The water was sparkling.

And he wasn’t even nervous.

I love that man.





Letting Go: A response

Today’s prompt comes at a very appropriate time for me. As our school year finally begins to wrap up, it’s time for me to let go.

I need to let go of my students and hope I have done all I could for them while I had them.

I need to let go and let the decisions be made as they will. I can’t control the bad decisions made by others and neither can I control anything else.

I need to let go of that which is appropriate for me to let go.

But I won’t let go of what I have learned since I started working here. I won’t let go of the friends I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, or the rewards I’ve earned for working hard and sticking to what I know to be good for the teenagers I’ve taught, influenced, laughed with, learned with, and struggled with.

Letting go,



5 Songs

Here are five songs that mean a lot to me and why they do.

“It’s Gonna be Worth it All” by Rita Springer
This song speaks my heart.  I truly believe that all this toil will be worth it. All.

“Healer” by Hillsong
This song won’t get out of my head, lately.  Such a quality song in word and skill.

“Big House” by Audio Adrenaline
No, seriously, this song is boss.  Love it.  Makes me dance around. Like a crazy lady. Just ask my baby sister.

“Romance” by Jeremy Wood is my favorite love song of all times.  Unfortunately, you can’t hear it because he’s a friend of mine who wrote it and he never cut it to album.  I’m still hoping for one day.

“Concerning Hobits” from the Lord of the Rings sound track. I just love this tune. Love it. :)



Just Pictures

I”m getting ready to jump back into photography season with umph as the school year draws to a close; I have a few things lined up soon.  I snapped a few fun pictures today.



A Letter to My Readers

Dearest readers,

I have one piece of advice for you.


Do it when you have almost no time and do it when you have all the time in the world.

Write about something that matters to you.

If you need to, keep your blog private until you feel ready to share it with the world.

Then, share it with me.

I am amazed at the blog support out there.  It’s like an online community.

But don’t let blogging substitute for your real life community.

Cuz that’s bad.

Some of your posts will be lame.  Like, ya’ know, some of mine.  Others will be wildly popular.

If you want exposure, research the best times to advertise your posts and advertise former posts when they are timely.

Go forth and blog,