The 411

This blog started out as a wedding planning blog.  In 2009.

Whoa!  It’s not 2009 anymore and I have lots more to write about!  An avid writer, I have many many blogs out there; now I’m attempting to streamline my writing to this very site.  I’ll miss my old sites and hope they one day allow Xanga users to transfer posts to the fabulous wordpress; until then, I shall point you back to my hundreds of posts using a lowly link.

So, here I am, remastering the blog regularly and trying not to let the categories get too out of hand.

Some may call me a Jane of all trades and a master of none; I like to think I eventually master at least a trade or two.  But, join me on the way, won’t you?  I don’t really have a good reason you should join, but it could be fun.  I like to expand my horizons–both geographically and ability-wise.  As my family, skills, and experience levels grow and mutate, I hope you’ll keep up with me; follow me and I may lead you somewhere good.

Love forever,


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