Engaged | Ray and Kim

During a whirwind fall photography week, I spent some time with my friends Kim and Ray to commemorate their engagement.

I love engagement.  There’s so much hope, so much to look forward to, and, if I’m lucky, I’ve caught the bride- and groom-to-be during a less stressful period of the planning time.

First, we went downtown.

Then, we went to campus, where Ray works and took a few pictures.  I love Browning Amphitheater.

Um, she punched him. Watch for more punching to come.

I’ve been scouting for empty bike racks for years. Finally, we scored!

Finally, we went to a photographer’s favorite location in Columbus, Inniswood Metro Gardens.

Ray played a little bit of groove music.


I sort of had to force these two to kiss. Wonder if that’ll be the case in, say, a year…

I love piggy back pictures. Love.

And then there’s this. This.

We’ll see these two again in a year, when they will finally become husband and wife.

Ray and Kim, I cannot wait to capture your big day!

You’re lovely,
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Important Stats:

How did you meet?

We were set up by a mutual friend. Our friend for unnamed reasons lost his drivers licenses, and Ray had to drive him to Medina to see his girlfriend. I was good friends with his girlfriend and we did not have a choice but to go on the date. Neither of us were interested in spending our day this way. But who knew it was going to be the start of something wonderful! We realized we did actually like each other, two weeks later he asked to date me! About three years of fun, adventures, and getting to know each other he proposed!

Kim’s Job: Kindergarten teacher at Goddard School in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Ray’s Job: Service Desk Analysts for Ohio State University

How he popped the question, according to Kim:

Ray came over late on a Sunday night, and got right to his knee and opened a box… but it was my old ring (used to size). As my stomach was flip flopping I realized it wasn’t an engagement ring… so I punched him.. twice. I was watching an awful Lifetime movie at the time. He asked if he could set something up on my TV to show me. By now I knew what was happening so I said when the movie was over. Ray was so fidgety during the last 30 minuets of the movie. He set up the computer to the TV and hit play. He created a wonderful movie of our years together, highlighting our favorite memories. At the end he dropped to one knee and asked me that important question. I said YES!

Three things they like to do together: Golf, shop, car trips

Kim in three words: Beautiful, Compassionate, Exciting

Ray in three words: Caring, Sensitive, Lovable


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