30 by 30: October 2013

Today, I arrived home with a printed copy of my 30 by 30 list on my keyboard.  The Husband had printed it and made notes of the items I could cross off.  So, I took that as a hint to update my list.  As the dreaded day approaches, I hope to post about this monthly.

The list is below, but let me summarize the changes.

Seth says that I’ve mastered these three dishes: Crock pot chicken tacos, pesto, and hummus.  He’s a good decider of foods I’ve mastered in the kitchen.  A real expert. With that, I’m able to mark off number 3.

I also tried craisins.  I don’t think I’d ever had them before.  I need to try one more new food to mark number 7 off the list.

Also, I attended a professional photography workshop!  Totally marked that off the list and I want to repeat it.  See my posts about the conference here.

Finally, I set up a 403(b) with my new job.  I’m using that to count as marking off number 22, as rolling over will be a fee and that doesn’t seem wise.


Health/Fitness [0/3]
1. [EDIT:] Take an exercise class like Zumba or something.
2. Take a swing dancing class
3. Find and master 3 tasty low-fat recipes [According to Seth: Crock pot Chicken Tacos, pesto, hummus]
Arts/Crafts/Hobby [1/3]
4. Complete 3 home-improvement/DIY decor crafts [1: Desk in closet]
5. Organize a scrapbooking/DIY craft system
6. Complete a second photography project [Done: May 2013
Food/Kitchen [3/6]
7. Try 5 new foods [1: Sushi, 2: Udon 3. Scallops, 4. Craisins…]
8. Make home-made pasta
9. Make a Quiche [Done: August 2013]
10. Learn 2 new foodie terms [Done: 1. Blanch 2. Meringue
11. [EDIT:] Harvest veggies from own garden [Done: September 2013]
12. Make homemade fries [Done, twice. In April 2012.]
Travel and Events [4/4]
13. Visit at least 3 new countries [1: Japan, June 2012; 2: United Kingdom, July 2013; 3: Ireland, July 2013]
14. Attend a murder mystery dinner [Done! March 23, 2011]
15. Visit Niagara Falls (not during winter—or fall) [Done! June 2012]
16. See the Pacific Ocean [Done! June 2012–Japan shores]
Family [1/2]
17. Watch my husband graduate [Done: June 2013]
18. Sell my condo [never going to happen… but a refinance is in the works.]
Finances [2/4]
19. Pay off our remaining credit card debt [Done! April 2012]
20. Pay off my student loans [May roll over to a 30 during 30… hopefully]
21. Save to pay cash for UK trip [Pretty much done: July 2013]
22. EDIT: Roll over KY retirement to 403(b) and set up current automatic deposits to a 403(b) plan. [DONE: August 2013]
Educational/Professional [3/5]
23. Finish my educational technology endorsement [Done! Winter/Spring 2013]
24. Earn money for taking pictures (at least three sessions) [Done! 1: Jess and Jon’s wedding June 2012; 2: Rachel and Justin, August 2012; 3: Haleigh and Andrew: September 2012 and more!]
25. Take a professional photography class/workshop [DONE: #iHeartFaces Photography Conference for Women, October 2013]
26. Land that ideal teaching/educational job [Done: May 2013]
27. Publish the 400th post to http://www.rejoicingrebecca.com
Christ-Seeking [1/3]
28. Read five Seth-approved theological books [1: Solid, 2: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, 3:Leading on Empty 4: Leaders Who Last, … more in the works]
29. Mentor 4 different college girls [Done! Spring 2013. 1: Kyle, 2: Rebecca, 3. Sarah, 4. Caitlin]
30. Lead someone to Christ

As far as finishing up these goals:

2) I’d really like to take a dance class with Seth.  Maybe that will be a birthday or Christmas gift.  *hint hint*
4) Since winter will be settling in soon, I’m going to look for some in-home DIY crafts to do.
5) I’m half-way to making an method for organizing my scrapbook materials.  After my photography rush is over, I plan to clean up the office area and assess the situation.
7) I’m on the lookout for foods that I haven’t tried that seem interesting.  Seth usually helps me feel safe about trying new foods, except that time I ate scallops.  That’s a no for the future.
8) I need to see if anyone has the pasta-maker attachments for the Kitchen Aid standmixer that I can borrow.  Then, I’ll give it a try.  Maybe even said owner can help me make the pasta.  Maybe.
18) I think the next edit I will make is to change “sell condo” to “refinance condo,” which The Hunk and I did last week.  This may be the best solution for now.  Dang condo.
20) I decided that any photography profit will go toward paying my loans down to deferment level.  Between that and any extra money we have at tax time, we hope to pay mine down a lot.
27) This is my 247th post on this blog.  I hope I can get somewhere near 400, but we’ll see what happens.
28) I am one book away from reading 5 Seth-approved theological books.  In fact, I technically have read through half of one.  We’ll see if I finish that one or start/finish another.
30) This one, as I knew all along, will be the most difficult one to accomplish.  Especially as a public school teacher and someone who is generally around Christians much of the time.

Alrighty, then.  It’s time for an awkward ending where I say something like…

See ya’ next time,
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