Blogtember: Something Old

Today is a solemn day for me and much of my family.  Five years ago, my beloved grandmother lost her [third] battle with cancer.

And I was there.

And it was heart-wrenching.

I think the worst part was watching my mother lose her mother.  She literally choked back vomit.

Even though I had lost two great-grandparents, one other grandma, a cousin, and a few school mates, this moment was the most profound moment of my life.  To this day, I can remember everything.  It was about 2:15 am and we had all had an opportunity to say our goodbyes, even though we were still praying for a miracle.

To say the least, it is very profound that today’s Blogtember prompt is “something old.”

After my aunts and uncles settled my grandma’s estate, my mom gifted to me my grandma’s old camera.

Fitting, eh?

It’s an old Hachi KX-66 with a hotshoe flash.

They’re going for about $20 on and some weirdos on eBay are trying to squeeze $100 out of it.  You couldn’t get me to sell this for all the money in the world.

I wouldn’t say that Grandma and I ever even discussed a passion for photography.  She did love putting pictures on her walls, but I don’t know how hard she worked to be sure pictures were taken at family events or church outings.

All I know is she had this beauty.

And, just for fun, that flash goes with me to all my shoots.  I don’t even put batteries in it, but it works.  Even with my fancy schmancy DSLR.

That quilt the camera and flash are on? Made by my great-grandmother: her mother-in-law. Also old: made for me when I was a kid.

It’s like I get to carry her around with me.

And she gets to hang out with my husband at our house, even though they never met.

And one day, when I have my own photography office, this vintage camera will be central in decorating.

And I’ll wink at Grandma, who is no doubt cheering me on every step of the way.

With tears of fondness and mourning,


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