Blogtember: An Open Letter to Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends,

Some of you won’t read this because you have hidden me from your newsfeed, so you won’t even know I wrote this.

That’s fine.

I’ve probably hidden you, too.

Listen, here’s how I roll.  I post some political things, but I’m not a political nutjob on the Book of Face.  I like pictures, but I try to vary up my picture-posting so as not to blow your feed up with pictures of the same dang thing every dang day.  I still use “is” when starting my status update because I’m a purist.

A few things for you to keep in mind as you continue to be my friend on Facebook:

  • I’m a lover–not a fighter.  If I have a problem with something you post on Facebook, I’ll either keep it to myself or I’ll Private Message you.  None of this disagreement needs to be public.  That being said, if you become argumentative, I’ll likely delete your posts and, after a while, I may even block you.
  • I’m not a democrat.  I won’t argue on your wall about your political doo-dads, even if you post something that I find ridiculous.   See above.
  • I don’t play Facebook games.  None of this “repost if you love Jesus” or “Accept my invite to play Candy Crush!” stuff.  Not my style.
  • I will take you off my newsfeed if I find that I am regularly repulsed by things you write/post.  I give this some time, but when hot topics come up and cover my news feed and I hate the topic, that’s when a lot of newsfeed statuses are removed.  This doesn’t mean that I dislike you; it simply means that I don’t want to see whatever-that-junk-is regularly.
  • I have unfriended people; I do this when I realize a person just isn’t a friend at all (maybe I thought they would be when I ‘friended’ them) or if the vulgarity of their Facebook makes me want to vomit.
  • I haven’t blocked many people: An old love interest, some people at Seth’s suggestion, and, like, a few people who I just didn’t trust anymore.
  • When I complain, it’s usually in jest.  Like, for instance, when I’m not having a great day: I realize the day will eventually end and almost nothing can compare to that horrendously awful day last November.  I usually say something like, “I’m not a fan of…”  This just means that I was a little not happy about something.  No worries.  No need to remind me to be content in every season.  Just smile at me or throw up a “you can do this!” comment.  That is all.  I will always survive.  Unless I don’t.

So, there you have it.  I love you.

Socially speaking,


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