Review: Beth Fleshman

Without her permission, I have decided to write a review on my hair stylist.

Seriously.  She has no clue.

In short, I love her.  I have no negative things to say about her, so I’ll get right down to business: convincing you to hire her to style your hair.

She’s Cute: We all know how important it is to have a cute hair stylist.  I have to be clear: I’ve never seen a cute girl rock dreadlocks the way this chick did last year and into this year.  She owned those dreadlocks. I’m partial to gingers, being that my cute sister is a ginger.  Beth is a ginger, which is the basis of her cuteness.  She has a tasteful nose ring and some piercings in her cute ears.  Seriously: She’s cute.

She’s Multi-Talented: Beth has two hair-styling jobs.  She styles at Studio H in Grandview Heights, Ohio, and at a nursing home near her home. Clearly, she loves her job and is good at creating more modern looks while still loving on those precious old folks who still like to look pretty.

She’s skilled: As with almost anyone in the hair business, Beth plays with colors, cuts, and styles on her own noggin.  Since I’ve been going to her in 2010, I’ve never seen a color, cut, or style that was not becoming of her.  She knows how to match cuts with face shapes, colors with completions, and styles with personalities.

Beth, don’t hate me.

I love you.

Your conservative style-haver,


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