Blogtember: Life Lately

It seems we always want to call our lives crazy.  Well, I do, anyway.  My life isn’t that crazy.

However, it has been busy and seems to always change.

I’ll take this opportunity to reflect on my 30 by 30 goals:

Health/Fitness [0/3]
1. [EDIT:] Take an exercise class like Zumba or something.
2. Take a swing dancing class
3. Find and master 3 tasty low-fat recipes
Arts/Crafts/Hobby [1/3]
4. Complete 3 home-improvement/DIY decor crafts [1: Desk in closet]
5. Organize a scrapbooking/DIY craft system
6. Complete a second photography project [Done: May 2013
Food/Kitchen [3/6]
7. Try 5 new foods [1: Sushi, 2: Udon 3. Scallops…]
8. Make home-made pasta
9. Make a Quiche [Done: August 2013]
10. Learn 2 new foodie terms [Done: 1. Blanch 2. Meringue
11. [EDIT:] Harvest veggies from own garden [Done: September 2013]
12. Make homemade fries [Done, twice. In April 2012.]
Travel and Events [4/4]
13. Visit at least 3 new countries [1: Japan, June 2012; 2: United Kingdom, July 2013; 3: Ireland, July 2013]
14. Attend a murder mystery dinner [Done! March 23, 2011]
15. Visit Niagara Falls (not during winter—or fall) [Done! June 2012]
16. See the Pacific Ocean [Done! June 2012–Japan shores]
Family [1/2]
17. Watch my husband graduate [Done: June 2013]
18. Sell my condo [never going to happen… but a refinance is in the works.]
Finances [2/4]
19. Pay off our remaining credit card debt [Done! April 2012]
20. Pay off my student loans [May roll over to a 30 during 30… hopefully]
21. Save to pay cash for UK trip [Pretty much done: July 2013]
22. Roll over KY retirement to 403(b) and set up current automatic deposits
Educational/Professional [3/5]
23. Finish my educational technology endorsement [Done! Winter/Spring 2013]
24. Earn money for taking pictures (at least three sessions) [Done! 1: Jess and Jon’s wedding June 2012; 2: Rachel and Justin, August 2012; 3: Haleigh and Andrew: September 2012 and more!]
25. Take a professional photography class/workshop [slated October 2013]
26. Land that ideal teaching/educational job [Done: May 2013]
27. Publish the 400th post to
Christ-Seeking [1/3]
28. Read five Seth-approved theological books [1: Solid, 2: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, 3:Leading on Empty 4: Leaders Who Last, … more in the works]
29. Mentor 4 different college girls [Done! Spring 2013. 1: Kyle, 2: Rebecca, 3. Sarah, 4. Caitlin]
30. Lead someone to Christ

Since the last update, I have harvested from our garden (#11).  In this edition of the 30 by 30 list, I have changed #1.  Since I loved doing the Cotton-Eyed Joe at a wedding so much, I decided that dancing must be the only cardio I could love.  We’ll see.

I did talk to a professional about retirement roll-over (#22) when I started my new job.

Other than my goals, things are busy in the area of career.  Starting a new job, even when you’re a veteran teacher, is tiresome.  All schools are so different that it takes a lot to get used to the students, the atmosphere, the expectations, and the way colleagues work.  It’s tough, but I know I’ll manage.

I just can’t wait to feel like I’ve got it together again.

But, on the bright side, I’ve had a few really fun weekends, lately.  I do love a good weekend, even if it does mean I’m exhausted upon returning to work.

For the last weekend of summer, I went to a friend’s wedding in Pennsylvania.  That wedding was a blast! Then, as I’ve mentioned on this site, I reunited with a few friends this past weekend.  It was marvelous.

Also, I’m starting to get some fall photography gigs.  I can’t wait to get at it!

Thanks for staying with me.

Forever love,


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