Blogtember: Comfort

I think one of the toughest thing for people to do these days is to be comfortable in their own skin.

This weekend, I visited some friends around whom I feel comfortable being me.  I love being animated with my friends and these friends jump right in.  We do silly silly silly things.  People on the outside probably think we’re nuts, but we enjoy freaking out over Downton Abbey, waving with both hands in a most awkward fashion, making random desserts we find on Pinterest, and using melodramatic tones of voice for less-than-melodramatic moments (okay, they are probably deserving. Shut up).

Anyway, I came to an epiphany this weekend after some heart-to-heart discussions with these fantastic girls:

I am going to be my animated self.  Deal with it.  I love being silly.

I gave a friend who was in the throes of wedding-planning some advice recently that went something along these lines: “If you give in, you’re not happy and [the other person is] not happy.  Do what you want and one person is happy: you.”

So, I’m going to try to follow those words of wisdom.  That doesn’t mean I’ll act inappropriate; that’s not what I do.

But the fun and animated Rebecca is fighting her way back in.

It may be a wild ride.



2 thoughts on “Blogtember: Comfort

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