Blogtember: My CyperSocial Life

I love social media.  As a  youngun, I’ve spent a higher percentage of my life on it than those who are older than me.

When I was in college, I got on Facebook as soon as it was open to other colleges.  It was awesome. It exploded.  The only person I know who was on it before me was at a bigger school.  I love that I can keep up with friends near and far with social media, including Facebook.  I also like that I can keep people out of my cyberlife by blocking them or hiding them from my feed.  Sweet.

Anyway, being CyberSocial has changed my life.  In good ways and in less awesome ways.

Facebook makes it easier for me to remember names; on the other hand, I seriously struggle with name-remembering if I am not Facebook friends with a person.  I also think in status updates, as I have not migrated from the original way of writing status updates: Always start with the word, “is.”

I love that I can use Pinterest to find easy ways to clean my tub; seriously, who knew that a Magic Eraser was the best thing to use on an acrylic tub? Not I.

I have really found my niche on Twitter, as I can connect with a professional learning network without even knowing people.  I pull resources by using hashtags like #edchat #edtech to  help me find better resources for my classroom.  I am a better educator because of Twitter and I am more in-the-know when it comes to world news.

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