Online Shopping

I shop online all. the. friggin. time.

I’m quite certain that The Husband wonders when I’ll just flip a switch and buy all the things.

So far, he hasn’t voiced any concern.  He is a guy, though.  And an introvert.  Which means we have to have use-your-words moments where I explicitly ask questions in a safe place so I know what he’s thinking.  And he loves me, so he plays along. #tangent

Anyway, here are some of my favorite places to browse–even though I so rarely buy anything:

Um, seriously, I love Amazon.  I am a Prime member–um, on accident–and I love looking at, well, everything on this website.  Usually, I research camera prices. And camera accessory prices.  And, lately, I’ve really wanted to buy a backpack to take to and from work because I’m nutso and want to carry a backpack even though I don’t actually carry too many things back and for to work.  See? Nutso.  Anyway, I spend time on Amazon.  Lots of time.  I especially love having a wishlist from which The Husband and some family members can purchase gifts for me. Convenient.  I only wish I’d thought of that when we were registering to get married. :)

My creative skills are limited, especially when we consider the limitations my hands have in crafting something other than a picture. Etsy solves that problem for me.  Etsy has everything from lens cuffs, to photobooth props; pocket watches, to wine corks.  It’s a dreamy place to spend time.

So, last summer, I built my own computer.  That’s right.  I’m one of those kinds of nerds.  Perhaps I have too many hobbies.  Anyway, I got almost all of my parts at  Love. This machine is a beast and I love the parts I got from this place.

Happy shopping,


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