Blogtember: ENFj/P

Hello.  My name is Rebecca and I am … well, sometimes I am an ENFP and sometimes I am an ENFJ.

For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about: These are Myer’s Briggs Personalty Types.

In short, this means that I am:

  • An Extrovert (slightly; I have a 22% preference to extroversion over introversion)
  • Intuitive (moderately; I have a 50% preference of intuition over sensing)
  • A feeler (moderately; I have a 38% preference of feeling over thinking)
  • Judgement-based (distinctive; I have a 67% preference for judging over perceiving)

But wait.  I know I am also a big fan of perception.  And I can be introverted at times (hence, all the blogging and thinking and reflecting).  Let’s talk about this.

Firstly, I am an extrovert in my natural state; however, when a situation arises that makes me feel uncomfortable or requires me to analyze the people around me in order to decide how safe I feel, I become introverted so I can make my judgments.  Seriously, that’s how it is.

Secondly, I know that the perceiving/judging issue is directly related to my faith.  As a Christian, I recognize and follow distinct expectations set forth by the maker of the universe.  These are clear-cut expectations: Don’t lie; don’t hurt others; don’t make anything more important than God.  Conversely, as a Christian, I recognize grace.  I regularly work to remember grace–to give grace to others and to accept grace from others.  This puts me in a position which requires me to focus on the background of a person–not just what I’m viewing immediately in front of me.  What’s the story? How can I love this person? 

I love personality tests.  Maybe it’s the self-consumed person in me.

I find them fascinating.

What is your personality type?



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