30 by 30: Summer 2013 Edition

Alright, before I head back to school for the summer, it’s time to get completely caught up on my blogging.

Today, let’s talk about my 30 by 30 goals:

Health/Fitness [0/3]
1.Complete a mile in less than 10 minutes (a big stretch for me) [never gonna happen; I hate running]
2. Take a swing dancing class
3. Find and master 3 tasty low-fat recipes
Arts/Crafts/Hobby [1/3]
4. Complete 3 home-improvement/DIY decor crafts [1: Desk in closet]
5. Organize a scrapbooking/DIY craft system
6. Complete a second photography project [Done: May 2013
Food/Kitchen [3/6]
7. Try 5 new foods [1: Sushi, 2: Udon 3. Scallops…]
8. Make home-made pasta
9. Make a Quiche [Done: August 2013]
10. Learn 2 new foodie terms [Done: 1. Blanch 2. Meringue
11. [EDIT:] Harvest veggies from own garden [Slated fall 2013]
12. Make homemade fries [Done, twice. In April 2012.]
Travel and Events [4/4]
13. Visit at least 3 new countries [1: Japan, June 2012; 2: United Kingdom, July 2013; 3: Ireland, July 2013]
14. Attend a murder mystery dinner [Done! March 23, 2011]
15. Visit Niagara Falls (not during winter—or fall) [Done! June 2012]
16. See the Pacific Ocean [Done! June 2012–Japan shores]
Family [1/2]
17. Watch my husband graduate [Done: June 2013]
18. Sell my condo [never going to happen… but a refinance is in the works.]
Finances [2/4]
19. Pay off our remaining credit card debt [Done! April 2012]
20. Pay off my student loans [May roll over to a 30 during 30… hopefully]
21. Save to pay cash for UK trip [Pretty much done: July 2013]
22. Roll over KY retirement to 403(b) and set up current automatic deposits
Educational/Professional [3/5]
23. Finish my educational technology endorsement [Done! Winter/Spring 2013]
24. Earn money for taking pictures (at least three sessions) [Done! 1: Jess and Jon’s wedding June 2012; 2: Rachel and Justin, August 2012; 3: Haleigh and Andrew: September 2012 and more!]
25. Take a professional photography class/workshop [slated October 2013]
26. Land that ideal teaching/educational job [Done: May 2013]
27. Publish the 400th post to http://www.rejoicingrebecca.com
Christ-Seeking [1/3]
28. Read five Seth-approved theological books [1: Solid, 2: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, 3: Leading on Empty 4: Leaders Who Last, … more in the works]
29. Mentor 4 different college girls [Done! Spring 2013. 1: Kyle, 2: Rebecca, 3. Sarah, 4. Caitlin]
30. Lead someone to Christ

So, I’m about half way there.  I think the most challenging ones to finish on time will be selling the condo (which will just not happen), posting 400 blog posts, and leading someone to Christ.  The rest will just take a little intentionality.  Like seeking out low-fat recipes that are quick.  I mean, does a bowl of celery count?

So, encourage me, friends, as I pursue these goals before that crazy day in March when the dreaded day will come: My sixth anniversary of being 24.

Forever young,


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