A Vivid Memory

I love pictures. Did you know that?

Sometimes, pictures end up taking place of memories. Like, for instance, I don’t remember actually being dip kissed on my wedding day. I remember planning to do it. I remember hoping Seth would remember to do it. But I don’t remember it happening.

Except there’s a picture of it. And I adore it.

But my most vivid memory is not caught by cameras or paper pictures.

My most vivid memory is when Seth proposed.

It may have been the most delightful moment of my life. He was serious and loving and said all the right things and caught me in the middle of being silly and surprised me right where we first kissed.

On one knee.

The sun was shining. The geese were swimming. The water was sparkling.

And he wasn’t even nervous.

I love that man.





2 thoughts on “A Vivid Memory

  1. I agree : )
    Pictures are great for remembering.
    I love that you got a dip kiss. Too sweet!
    Can’t wait to meet you at the conference!

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