5 Songs

Here are five songs that mean a lot to me and why they do.

“It’s Gonna be Worth it All” by Rita Springer
This song speaks my heart.  I truly believe that all this toil will be worth it. All.

“Healer” by Hillsong
This song won’t get out of my head, lately.  Such a quality song in word and skill.

“Big House” by Audio Adrenaline
No, seriously, this song is boss.  Love it.  Makes me dance around. Like a crazy lady. Just ask my baby sister.

“Romance” by Jeremy Wood is my favorite love song of all times.  Unfortunately, you can’t hear it because he’s a friend of mine who wrote it and he never cut it to album.  I’m still hoping for one day.

“Concerning Hobits” from the Lord of the Rings sound track. I just love this tune. Love it. :)




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