Three Traits

Today’s post asks for my top three worst traits.

1) Optimism.  I get caught in optimism all the time.  I love being optimistic, but it comes back to bite me in the butt way too often.  For instance, I presented a suggestion to my department at work this morning that is so optimistic.  It is smart.  It will work.  But since I am leaving, I am bound to be disappointed about what the people above us will decide.  But I must move on.

2) Improvement Starvation. I starve to improve–myself, the ones around me, the situations around me, the programs around me… anything.  I want things to be better wherever I am. I can sometimes have trouble enjoying the awesomeness that exists.  For instance, I am so desirous to improve my photography skills that I scour the net for ideas and suggestions.  I will never think I’m good enough.

3) Change-hater.  Even when I seek out change, I don’t always enjoy it.  I am always so very anxious about change.  For instance, I will start a new job this coming fall.  I’m excited, but I’m anxious at the same time.  New people? Will I like them? Will they like me? “What ifs” abound in my head.

What about you?  What traits of yours bit you in the butt most often?





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