Honest.  I struggle.  Do you? Duh. Of course you do.  If you have skin, you struggle.

If you don’t have skin, you probably struggle, too.

Life isn’t easy.  At all.

Sure, there are bright and happy moments.  Like wedding days full of sunshine. Summers with bubbles and lightning bugs.

But seriously.  Struggles can eclipse the joys of life.

As is typical for me, I am struggling with transitions.  There are so many on the horizon and some even going on right now.

For instance, The Hunk and I both get a little sad when campus students leave for the summer.  Borderline depressed, actually.  We actually like those kids. A lot. Even when they frustrate us and remind us of how old we are–even though we really aren’t that old.

This and other transitions are really taking a lot of our brain time.  How do we help people who will be left in the wake of our transitions? How do we join in together with a new purpose when neither of us really know what that will even look like at this point? Should we buy a house? That’s another transition; are we ready for that? How do we help those around us deal with their transitions, too? How do we really know that these transitions are timely?

So, there you have it.

What are you struggling with?



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