My Lot

Disclaimer: I know this post is late, but yesterday was an exciting day. More on that to come.

Like the originator of this writing prompt, I cannot think of things that act as my cross to bear. I’m impatient sometimes, but who isn’t?

The only thing that I can think of would be my insatiable desire to always see things improve. Always. Don’t get me wrong. This benefits me greatly professionally and academically. It benefits me insofar as I have control. Once I cannot control the level of excellence something may attain, I have severe problems. I struggle to handle things. My impatience meter explodes. I want to give up.

This even applies to me. For instance: Once, I tried sewing. I became frustrated because I wasn’t an instant natural and expert. I cried. Silliness. I then became frustrated that I had these feelings and couldn’t control them. Things seemed to spiral out of control.


But I have a great life with a wonderful husband and family. So, other complaints are just static.





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