10 Things that make me happy

Happiness and joy are two different things. I’m a major supporter of that.
But still, some things bring me great happiness.
1. A freshly sharpened pencil
2. My husband’s cologne
3. When a troubled student has a good day or moment in class
4. Shooting in manual mode like a rock star
5. When I can wear jeans to work (borderlines on joy)
6. Sleeping in
7. Traveling
8. Learning
9. Cute tennis shoes
10. Warm covers in winter

Things that give me joy:
1. Jesus
2. God’s providence
3. My husband’s example of God’s love
4. God’s beautiful canvas: the sky, in particular
5. Seeing students grow throughout the school year and even after moving on from high school
6. Persistence paying off
7. The deep and simple Truth of God
8. Capturing joy in my camera lens
9. Working together
10. Delicious food





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