I Miss…

Today’s prompt is tough. I miss many things and many people. I’ve got to keep this light because, according to my husband, I’ll mess up my makeup.
I miss having fresh tomatoes from the garden all summer.
I miss elbow room. Living in the city is not what I expected.
I miss having my faves in close proximity.
I miss the simplicity of a call center job.
I miss Phi Mu circle ups, bid days, and formals (yes, even those I attended without a date)!
I miss wearing flip flops on campus in the winter. And Dr. Brady’s office entry etiquette. And Dr. Brady.
I totally miss sorority tshirts. I enjoy them as a quilt now.
I miss Saved by the Bell every morning before school.
I miss summers by the pool with my Morgan loves.
I miss my OCD brother.
I miss music jamming with Unity peeps.
I miss Texas visits.




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