My Blogger Friend

I am so glad we are friends. I’m so glad for technology, which helps us keep in touch when you live on the other side of the world.
I admire your energy level. I wish I could do as much as you do. And I admire your devotion to your husband and, therefore, our country.
I’m so glad to have met you and to have been your friend. I’m honored to have sung at your wedding. I look forward to staying in touch with you and following your adventures with Jason.
You are so very generous toward and caring for others. As a volunteer and a friend.
I will never forget visiting you in Japan or cooking with you: red pepper risotto, turkey tacos… Yum. And I love that we share an interest in photography and blogging.
I count myself blessed to know you and could only be more delighted if we could live in the same area again. Even if it’s when we’re old and waiting for grandchildren. I mean, if either of us ever decide to start baby-making.
You’re beautiful and smart and thoughtful.
Thanks for being my friend.



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