Blog every day in May: I know stuff

When I shared this daily blogging thing with The Husband, he thought it was cool. I mentioned today’s prompt (teach about something you’re good at) and asked him what he thought I should write about. He said “Love and Respect.”
Have you ever heard of this concept? Actually, it’s a book, too. The concept is Biblical but also heavily researched. Basically, it’s this: While women need unconditional love, men need unconditional respect. Now, don’t go crazy. Respect does not mean we become doormats or barefoot in the kitchen with a baby on our hip. It simply means that we ladies uplift our husbands, speak highly of him, and actually like him. Not just love him. He needs respect the same way we need to feel loved no matter how royally we mess up or how horrendous we look without our makeup or how horrible we feel about ourselves.
This is not naturally easy for either of us. I struggle with respectfully suggesting things to him without being naggy. I mean, what man loves to hear a woman constantly telling him he’s doing a bad thing? My husband is fabulous, but men can sometimes struggle with sharing affection,  aka, helping their wives feel loved.
So,  what happens is called the crazy cycle. The wife feels unloved or the husband feels disrespected and, next thing you know, the couple is fighting– either for a while or for an extended period of time. Sometimes these problems run deep.
When a wife feels loved, she may be moved to respect her husband if she knows what that looks like. And a husband who feels respected will be more likely to express love toward his wife. This will become the energizing cycle.
Of course, both spouses need to be on board or this is difficult. If one spouse isn’t game, the other will have to carry the burden of going it alone until a change of heart occurs.
So, wanna know more? Read the book. Check out the website. It will change your relationships with everyone in your life. Father, mother. Brother, sister. Cousins, friends and colleagues.
But while this is simple, it’s not always easy.
This does require… talking . Which is difficult, you know. But find out how you can be his cheerleader. Find out how you can love her heart– not just her body. It will take work, but the rewards are far more than worth it.
The fact that my husband suggested that I write about this means he must feel respected by me. What a high compliment! This explains why he is so loving!


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