Blog every day in May: About me

Okay, so, I really have been thinking of blogs in my head, but they are never quite making it out of my fingers to this blog.
In an effort to really pound the keyboard this month, I am going to join up with my lovely friend, Jessica, and attempt to blog every day in the month of May. Like her, I will try to use the theme from the Story of My Life blog. I may not always be on topic, but I will at least have a topic assigned if I need one.
Today: My life in 250 words.
I was born in Northern Kentucky to amazingly hardworking parents. I was raised in church and grew to find the Jesus of the Bible as my personal savior. Looking back, I realize that my stubbornness is what has pushed me to go for the things I’ve wanted. I did pretty well in high school, but was not naturally brilliant or naturally popular. I struggled to find a safe place to be myself most of the time. About the time I was turning 16, some things went terribly wrong in my family. We were victims of hatred and ignorance. I threw myself into school and two jobs to avoid dealing with the pain. I was accepted to and began attending Georgetown College as a first generation college student, joined a sorority, worked my butt off, and found out more about myself in Christ. Attended graduate school, began working as a teacher, graduated and then was able to find complete healing from my teenage pain. As God’s grace would have it, I met a wonderful, God-focused man who I later married and followed to Central Ohio. Since getting married, I’ve learned more about how stubborn I am, but more importantly, more about the relentless grace of Jesus Christ.

Man, that sounds boring. And probably more than 250 words.



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