A Turnover.

I love basketball.  Especially University of Kentucky men’s basketball. While I was never an all-star basketball player, I certainly love watching the game.

One of the most exciting or frustrating aspects of the game is surprise turnovers.  They happen near the basket, mid-court, as a team is throwing in, or at any given moment.  If in favor of my Cats, the moment is hands-down exciting.  Of course, if in favor of the opposition, the moment is disappointing, to say the least.  The key to resisting a turnover is to control the ball.

A turnover can be the start of a major change in the game–good for one team but bad for the other.

I can become very anxious at the possibility of a life change.  And control isn’t a sure bet to keep change from happening.  Nothing we can do will prevent all change.

And there we have it.  Our desire to control everything leads to anxiety over changes that we cannot control.

No matter what we’re facing, we can very easily fall into trap of anxiety.  We wonder what the next step will look like, what will happen, how difficult it will be, who we’ll be around, or how quickly this change will happen.

Let’s look at the capital-T Truth found in the Bible:

Psalm 37.5 says this: “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act.”

Let’s break it down.  That’s right, phrase by phrase:

Commit your way…: Our way is our future, our past, our present, our path.  We must commit it.  To whom?
…to the Lord…: We must commit our way to God. To Jesus.  To the Holy Spirit.  And not to me.
…trust in Him…: Instead of trusting our path to ourselves–controlling everything ourselves–we need to remember to trust God. To trust Jesus.  To trust the Holy Spirit.
…and He will act…: He’s not going to do nothing.  He won’t leave us hanging.  He will act.  He will do something.

The next verse speaks of God as doing good things for those who commit their way to the Lord.

Thank You for the many blessings and opportunities I have.  Help me to trust You.  To relinquish any anxiety to You.  To plan wisely, but to trust that You fill in the details perfectly and wonderfully.  Help me to remember the promise that You will work through me in wondrous and beautiful ways for Your purpose.  I long to serve You and not myself.  To grow in You first and foremost.  To be lost in You and not this world.
In Your name I pray continually…


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