It’s been cold in central Ohio over the past few days.  Before that, it was t-shirt weather.  A little tease from Mother Nature.

To clarify: by cold, I mean sub-zero windchill.  I mean a -11 windchill.  That’s cold, folks.

On my way to work the other day, the rain from the previous evening had frozen to the roads.  I was fine for most of the drive; on one of the last roads, though, I noticed the Jeep in front of me start to slide.  I was thinking, “I’m in a Camry! What am I going to do!?”

I left off the gas and hovered over the brake as I slowed down.  As I slowly started to put the brake on, I slid on the ice by a fire hydrant.  My front tires slid to the right, tapping the entrance curb and stopping gently.

No big deal.

But it got me thinking.  Sliding on ice is kind of like trusting in God. Sometimes.

I didn’t plan on going to the far right of my lane.  I would have preferred to have absolute control of my automobile.  But things ended up okay.

I don’t plan to miss the mark.  I would prefer to have absolute control of every aspect of my life.  But, with Jesus, everything ends better than okay.

I have a lot on my heart this week.  I must bring these thoughts and cares to Jesus.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.
-Psalm 37.5

Lord, let this be my mantra.  Help me to trust you–to trust that You will take me where You can serve others through me best.  Give me a heart to honor You always with my actions, thoughts, and words toward others.  



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