I am so dry.

Like, seriously.  I have a dry cough.  My hands need lotion.  My nose is bleeding intermittently.

I’ve been sick on and off for about a month.  First: I had strep and flu simultaneously.  After about three weeks of dealing with that, I had a week or so of feeling better before bronchitis and tonsillitis set in.  I’ve been dealing with that for the last week and just ready for it to be over.

Maybe the illness has been exacerbated by the dry air.  We bought a humidifier today.  Maybe it will help.

I feel like a shell of a person.

Which reminds me of a tree I’ve read about in the Bible.  A dry tree, ready to diminish into dust.  There aren’t even branches. Or fruit.  Just a stump.  A dry stump with nothing to offer.

Job 14. 8,9 says this of a dry, dying tree:

Though its root grow old in the earth,
and its stump die in the soil,
yet at the scent of water it will bud
and put out branches like a young plant.

Jesus is my living water.  And that living water is an essential for me to grow and mature in Hm.

I’ve seen trees do this: have nothing but a stump but they put out little green branches in the spring.

That’s reassuring, as I feel like a stump.  Worthless.

…but at the very scent of water…



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