Clara | Class of 2013

Have you ever met a teenager who impressed the heck out of you?  I’ve met my fair share as a high school teacher.

Today’s graduating senior blows my socks off!

Let’s talk about the joy of our Lord oozing out despite more than one’s share of struggles.

Let’s talk about a teenage girl with so much self control that there are adults who should admire her.

Let’s talk about a sense of humor to go with that determined work ethic of hers.

Let’s talk about a teenage girl whose inner beauty outshines that of her peers.

No, seriously.

And, also, let’s talk about how beautiful that girl is on the outside.

Meet Clara.

Clara’s only weapon: her Sword.

Some edgy Bible-reading going on here.

You really are an inspiration to me and to those around you.  Stay strong by leaning on His Truth, no matter what other (read: wrong) versions of the truth you stumble upon.  One day, you’ll look back at all you’ve struggled through and realize just how strong Jesus has been making you–tougher than so many others.  Don’t give up.

Jeremiah 42.10,


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