Remember Haleigh and Andrew? Here they are again–but this time, they got married!

It was a beautiful wedding!  Check out some of their special day!

The groom’s sisters played their harps at the beginning of the ceremony.

I was so pumped to snag this picture!  The groom’s view!  Since the wedding was outside, the front had a walkway behind it, and I had my long lens–I snagged this shot!  I love the groom’s view.  PS: Andrew, you’re a lucky guy!

A far away view of the ceremony.

I love that the bride chose the same colors for the bouquets, but different flowers.  So, pretty!

These two love to jump!  And the wedding party went along with the fun!

Warm. Married. Yay.

Andrew particularly remembered having struck this same pose for the engagement shoot.  He liked it!

One of my faves from the day!

First dance details.

This flower girl and her daddy had a wonderful time dancing.  She is just precious!

The bridesmaids took a break from these fabulous shoes to dance the night away.

Andrew and Haleigh, may your marriage last forever and your blessings be plentiful!

God bless,



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