Beware: Weddings take a lot of processing time

As you have probably already seen, I shot my first DSLR wedding in June.  I learned a lot; mostly, I learned just what it takes to process all the photos taken during a general wedding ceremony.  Here are the stats for the wedding pictures I took only:

Editing program: Lightroom 3
Original RAW files: 2,259
Import time: More than 5 minutes
Total editing time: 8 hours, 32 minutes
Total JPG files post-processing: 432

The above stats do not take into account the images The Hunk took on the point-and-shoot we brought with us or the rehearsal that I shot the night before.  Those edits didn’t take too long, but certainly weren’t done for me.  I also didn’t include blogging, exporting, organizing, and uploading the images.

Consider the above information before employing a photographer.  Or becoming a wedding photographer.

Truly yours,


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