30 by 30: July 2012 Update

A few months ago, I posted a list of thirty things I want to do before I turn thirty.  Here’s an update on the progress.

1.Complete a mile in less than 10 minutes (a big stretch for me)
2. Take a swing dancing class
3. Find and master 3 tasty low-fat recipes
4. Complete 3 home-improvement/DIY decor crafts
5. Organize a scrapbooking/DIY craft system
6. Complete a second photography project (Let’s Do 52) 
7. Try 5 new foods [1: Sushi, 2: Udon…]
8. Make home-made pasta
9. Make a Quiche
10. Learn 2 new foodie terms
11. Learn how to prepare a quality fish
12. Make homemade fries [Done, twice. In April.]
Travel and Events
13. Visit at least 3 new countries [1: Japan…]
14. Attend a murder mystery dinner [Done! March 23, 2011]
15. Visit Niagara Falls (not during winter—or fall) [Done! June 2012]
16. See the Pacific Ocean [Done! June 2012–Japan shores]
17. Watch my husband graduate
18. Sell my condo
19. Pay off our remaining credit card debt [Done! April 2012]
20. Pay off my student loans
21. Save to pay cash for UK trip
22. Roll over KY retirement to 403(b) and set up current automatic payments 
23. Finish my educational technology endorsement
24. Earn money for taking pictures (at least three sessions) [1: Jess and Jon’s wedding June 2012; 2: Rachel and Justin, August 2012; 3: Haleigh and Andrew: September 2012; not yet finished, but on the way!]
25. Take a professional photography class/workshop
26. Land that ideal teaching/educational job
27. Publish the 400th post to http://www.rejoicingrebecca.com
28. Read five Seth-approved theological books [1: Solid…]
29. Mentor 4 different college girls [1: Kyle, 2: Rebecca…]
30. Lead someone to Christ

I’ve got quite a way to go.  Here’s hoping regular reviewing of this list will remind me of my goals!



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