You may remember Jon and Jess from an engagement session on the beach back in December.  They said their nuptials last weekend.  I had my hunky husband helping me catch the special moments.

First of all, the groomsmen were a BLAST!

The single guys made fun of the groom.

Gotta love these fun-loving guys.

Rings on a half shell!

What’s love got to do with it?

Are you kidding me with those eyes?

She read a precious letter to her father, thanking her for his Godly leadership and returned her purity ring to him as a sign that she met her end of the purity ring contract.  He cried, of course.  Love! Love! Love!

They poured sand as their unity symbol:

He sang a precious song to her.

This is always my favorite moment of the day–call me crazy.  Just after they leave the ceremony, their eyes light up because they are finally husband and wife.

I also love details of the wedding day:

This guy is so excited to be announced as her husband.  So precious!

Maybe you don’t know what Ale-8 is, but the wedding party had an Ale-8 toast.  YUM!

I was able to snap a few pics while the guests ate:

It was a crazy, fabulous, crazy day!  I was able to snap a quick pic with the bride amongst the chaos:

Enjoy your honeymoon, you two!

Here’s hoping your marriage is healthy, happy, and harmonious!

With joyous blessings,


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