Consumerism: 18/52 (Let’s Do 52)

Okay, seriously?  It is already week 18 of this project?  Awesome!  I’m looking forward to participating in shorter projects next year.  I know that I don’t have an iPhone, but iPhoneography is really taking  off.  I can do my own version of this with my Android smart phone. :)

Anyway, I have exciting news.

Today, for the very first time in the history of my life, I experienced the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.  Amazing.  I was at the Red Robin BurgerWorks right off OSU’s campus.  It was awesome.  I loved the strawberry Sprite!  If every restaurant had one of these, their soda sales would quadruple.  Just because of me!

Seriously, you must experience this!



PS: I just discovered that there’s a Freestyle machine just over a mile from my home!  Wowzah!


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