Giannina: Class of 2012

I’m on spring break.  It’s lovely, really.  No, really.

I spent some time with Giannina one evening and we grabbed her senior portraits.  It was a delightful time at Jeffery Mansion in Bexley, Ohio.

I love the oil pastel look of this image.

I love the idea of placing a path in front of the subject, indicating a journey before her.

I love the close images.  Warm and friendly.

Now, this just looks cool.  Rockin’…  Can I say “rockin'”?  I am a teacher, after all.

Simple.  Beautiful.

The last image captured:

I also included a few collages in Giannina’s image package.  Here’s one:

What a pleasure it was to photograph Giannina.  My hope is that Giannina is successful in her post-high school endeavors.



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