New Endeavor: Lightroom 3

It was all over twitter and facebook and blogs.  Lightroom 3 was only $70!

But I missed it due to a 15-hour long day.  No time for research and purchase and husband-consulting.

Lucky for me, I found it on Amazon a few days later for $69.99.  It is the student/teacher version, but I am a teacher so that works out perfectly!

So, for the last few days I’ve been introducing myself to catalogues, presets, histograms, and exporting methods.  It’s been a sweet ride and I love this sort of ride–the kind where I learn using tutorials and experiments.  We could talk about how this goes right along with my personality, but that’s another long story.

At any rate, I’ve made some edits.  You’ll find my final products below:

I love how soft this picture is:

This is my favorite subject:

He studies a lot:

He’s so handsome!  And intelligent!  Swoon…

You don’t have to agree.  But you’d be wrong.

I love the grayscale here.  So dreamy:

This picture makes the English teacher in me do a cartwheel:

I love the extras in the program–not just a photo editing program, but a photo organizer and exporter.  It plays nicely with picasaweb, which is where I store all my pictures for this blog.

I look forward to using it with the upcoming senior pictures and wedding I’ll shoot.  I know Jess and Jon will benefit from practice greatly!  Be on the lookout for practice!

Anyone else want to be my guinea pig for some photos?

Your precious EnFP,


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