Linear: 6/52 (Let’s Do 52)

As the craziness of life speeds up, my posts slow down.  So, therefore, I get a little behind in my personal photography and, by the same token, posting my images here.

Confession: I haven’t taken a picture of myself.  For now, I’m skipping week five.  I do what I want. :)

I recently switched to shooting in RAW.  I’m pretty sure I’m converted–ya’ know, for images I plan to edit and such, this seems like the best bet.  I will shoot my first contracted wedding in June and I will shoot in RAW.  At any rate, I have been playing with RAW editing.  I didn’t know that, when opening RAW images from the camera in Elements, I’d edit the color differently–and more effectively, if you ask me–before even loading the images into the elements project bin.  This is an extra step, but I’m very pleased with the outcome.  You’ll noticed the differences in the before/after image below:

The main difference that makes me pumped is the graininess of the background before editing in Camera Raw.  I like the color better, too.  Notice the vibrancy of the green.  I’m a fan, as if you couldn’t tell.  I’ve been playing with some other images, too.  I’ll practice a little more.  My only concern is memory; looks like I’ll be purchasing some additional memory cards before the June wedding shoot I have.

What have been your experiences with shooting in RAW?  When do you switch back to JPG?

This post is doubling as my linear post for Let’s Do 52.  I love the lines of the cube.  In short, I love straight lines.

These little guys are tricky.  I can fairly easily get one side solved–but the others never happen.  I know people who compete with these–like, nationally.  But I could never… never be proficient enough to solve them in 32 seconds.

What about you?  Can you solve them?

The scientific photographer,


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