Natural: 1/52 (Let’s Do 52)

A day late, but I took this picture yesterday.  I have never eaten sushi, but I can’t fathom the idea of eating raw fish.  Raw fish.  Very natural.

Do you like sushi?  If you were recommending a starter sushi, what would it be?  I need to prepare for my trip to Japan this summer.



4 thoughts on “Natural: 1/52 (Let’s Do 52)

  1. California or Philidelphia roll. neither one have raw fish usually. AND btw…I LOVE sushi! Get a friend in Cbus to take you out to a half price night somewhere and help you. If you were here I’d show you!

  2. That looks delish! Just so you know, eating a Cali or Phili roll will not prepare you for Japan. There is no such thing here, that’s just America’s version of sushi. Sushi here is just a piece of fish on top of a ball of rice. Salmon and Tuna are my favorites and not too scary!

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