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Winter break has been simply splendid for me.  You should be jealous, as I have over three weeks of break compared to the usual two that teachers get.  Conveniently, my family went to Edisto Island, South Carolina for about a week.  It was a great time.  We laughed until our slides almost split open and–most importantly–I was able to wear flip-flops and a short sleeve shirt almost the entire time.  In fact, the day we came back, we left at 4am and I was warm in my flip-flops and tee and came home to require at least a hoodie and real shoes.  Sad times.

We went with my immediate family and my mom’s oldest brother and his family.  He has three daughters and my parents have three daughters; we always vacationed together growing up.

At any rate, while we were gone, my middle cousin got engaged.  Since we were at the beach, I pretty much required them to have engagement pictures taken.  Here are some of the results; you can find more of them  on the Rejoicing Rebecca facebook.

I’m wonderstruck that I had an opportunity to take engagement shots at the beach during sunset.  I’m from the midwest!  This is just amazing to me.  Thanks, Jon and Jess, for the wonderful experience!  I hope you enjoy your images.

Love one another,


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