New Year = Site Updates

If you didn’t click on a direct link to this post, you probably noticed some changes in the site.


Firstly, you’ll notice a new and updated blog header image.  As is now my tradition, the background image comes from the travels and snapping of the year before.

I’ve also updated the header image on my 411 page to reflect recent snapshots.

The biggest change, and one that I’m concerned about: You’ll notice that the website now defaults to what we call a “static” page.  The page doesn’t change and doesn’t include blog posts.  On the contrary, the page has a slide show of my photography portfolio and a form for users to find my information.  If visitors want to read blog posts, they’ll now have to click on the categories in the menu to read.  My goal is to focus more on photography–and for site visitors to know that, while I focus on photography more, I will still blog about my life on the side.  Obviously, this is an experiment.

I’m looking forward to see what 2012 brings.  I’m hoping the year brings progress toward more photography business and more traveling with Nikki (the Nikon).



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