49/52: Favorite Spot

No, I didn’t really just post this.  I scheduled it way in advance.  Actually, when I posted this, Christmas hadn’t yet peeked its lovely head.  I was watching Gilmore Girls in a hoodie and jeans.  As this post makes its official way to the world-wide web, I’m enjoying some beautiful traveling, the pictures of which you will enjoy eventually.

At any rate, I have a pic from my favorite spot.

I know you are surprised to find that this is my favorite place:

He’s so handsome.  I love being in any location from which I can see Seth.  Not because I’m incapable of being solo.  Not because I’m one of those wifies–you know the wifies who eats, breathes, and drinks the idea of her husband.  Because I’m one of those wives who loves to see her handsome husband, who loves to admire his dimples, and who relishes the way he looks back at her.

He’s the best.  I’m his biggest fan.



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