42/52: Books

Books.  We have tons of books in this house.  Seth’s dream is to have a library in our future house and I teach English language arts.  We’re not short on books.  In fact, here’s my always-a-work-in-progress, at-home reading stack.

I’m always reading the Bible.  I prefer the ESV version, primarily because the study notes in this version are fabulously awesome.  Right now, Seth and I are reading from Proverbs; it’s really helping me get some perspective concerning the way God values wisdom far above fools.

New at this pastor’s wife thing, I’m reading Beyond Duct Tape, a book about keeping our hearts as women in ministry.  I haven’t gotten very far into this book, yet; mostly, I’ve read about how we need to focus on our story as we consider our place and our testimony in ministry.

I journal regularly as often as I can.  I used to journal at least three times a week.  At any rate, this journal has Bible verses at the top of every spread.  I read the context of the verse then write 1) the explanation of the context, 2) how the verse/context pertains to me and then 3) a prayer concerning the verse and how it pertains to my life or the lives of others.

I’m reading How they Found Christ, as well.  Freeman pieces together the basic stories of some of the modern heroes of our faith, including C.S. Lewis, Cori Ten Boom, and Martin Luther.  These people didn’t necessarily write their salvation stories, but some of the stories are taken from other writings they completed.

Finally, I’m going through Erasing Hell by Francis Chan.  This book explains why hell must be real according to the Bible and the complications that arise from dismissing such an idea.  He combats other views on hell, including the view that we will all eventually be in heaven.

What are you reading at home?  Do you have separate reading lists or are you a one-at-a-time kind of person?  What does my book list say about me?  Notice any trends?



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