I am Words

I made this:

With this:

On pinterest, I found this sweet tutorial tailored for CS4.  I used the tutorial, but had to adjust a little since I have Photoshop Elements and not CS4.  For instance, steps three and four required tools with which I was not familiar.  Instead of following those steps, I copied the layer of my original picture, below, and converted it to black and white in the Enhance menu, then used the posterize filter to convert the image to fewer shadows–namely two or three colors.  There may be another way, but I liked this method just fine.  (If you know, please share!)

The other steps seemed to work just fine.  And there are even instructions for variations and other options.

The coolest part is this: I didn’t know I could create my own brushes.  Now I know that I can!  Wahoo!

Jessica, you should try this.  I want to see what you’d come up with.  Other faithful readers who have elements, I want to see yours, to!



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