39/50: Pets

Well, this week’s last week’s project 52 theme was tricky for me.  We have no pets.  Nor do our neighbors; we’re not allowed, per landlord rules.  However, we do have this darling cutie:

Of course this cutie pie came with a Vicky’s purchase, but she became a gift for Seth, who desperately longs for the day we can have our very own dog.

Currently, her job is to guard our cookbooks.  She’s good at it; I usually don’t even broach the line.  She’s also great because she makes no mess for us to clean up and she’s cute.  Pink.  Hello?  Do you know how much I love pink.

But she’s missing a name.  I don’t remember ever giving her a name.

Got a suggestion?

Suggest away.  Winner gets a nice, firm, happy handshake the next time I see them.  Or, if I don’t know you, you get a, “This is my fave suggestion!” response in the comment box.

I’m too poor to purchase a prize at this point.



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