35/52: Laughter

For the first part of the Labor Day weekend, The Hunk and I visited Kentucky.  We had dinner with some dear friends of mine on Friday and then spent Saturday with my parents.

My dad’s birthday was last week, too, so we took him and Mom out to lunch.

We went to the Shiloh Roadhouse, which is a couple hours south of their house, near London, Kentucky. The place is a lot like Texas Roadhouse, but with its own personality.

For instance, drinks come like this:

And, of course, customers can break up and throw peanut shells on the floor.

We had a nice time.

On the way back, Dad wanted to stop at a store that he just thinks is the neatest store in existence.  It’s kind of like Super Wal-Mart before Super Wal-Mart even existed.

I, of course, snapped some artsy pictures.  It weirded Mom out that I even brought a DSLR into a store like this.  I couldn’t pass it up.

What the heck is that?

This was in the same aisle.

I love the way jars photograph.

I’ve always wanted to take a pic in a security mirror like this.

That’s right; this grocery store also has hardware.  Two whole rooms of it.

To clarify, this grocery has hardware, groceries, clothes, shoes, and housewares in the same place.  This joint is like a Super Target from the early twentieth century.  Which is crazy.



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